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About me

About me

At a crossroads, stressed, under pressure

Do you feel that you’re at a crossroads in your life and you don’t know which way to turn?
You feel overwhelmed when you have to sell yourself in English, and maybe in French too? Are you under so much pressure that you don’t know how to take a step back and relax?
Maybe you sometimes feel like an impostor? You wish you had more self-confidence, you’re more assertive.

My clients (company leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, students…) work with me to surmount these types of obstacles. The guiding principle of all my coaching offers is to be aligned with the message you’re communicating, whether it’s in English or French. My clients rapidly gain self-confidence and greater performance in their careers. They discover how to let go of the pressure, to be in harmony with their true being.

Who am I ?

An English girl in Paris

Often, my clients have difficulties adapting their communication to the expectations of an international audience. I, too, experienced the difficulties of cross-cultural barriers when I arrived in France in 1992 from England, my home country. I learned to broaden my world view and adapt to the new culture, while remaining myself. And that includes having kept my English accent!

I love helping my clients to understand cultural differences. They learn how to adapt their communication style to be in harmony with their foreign colleagues and clients. And it’s ok to keep their accent too!

My career path

For 18 years, I worked as an English trainer in companies and top French business schools (ESSEC and Sciences-Po). I set up Stephenson Coaching in 2012. Since then I’ve been sharing both my coaching tools and my non-judgmental support with my clients.

Very early on, I realised the importance of being fully aligned with the message I was transmitting. It wasn’t enough to just use the right language. Understanding my true purpose was essential in order to be convincing. This is the message I transmit to the people I work with.

To let go of the daily pressure of Parisian life, I practice yoga and self-hypnosis. This allows me to be in the best of spirits when I accompany my clients.

Always striving for perfection

As a (self-confessed) perfectionist, I always want to give the best of myself. In my coaching practice, I do this thanks to on-going training and qualifications:

  • Certified Executive Coach (LKB School of Coaching, Paris)
  • Master Practitioner in Ericksonian Hypnosis (Psynapse, Paris)
  • Transactional Analysis
  • Family/Systematic Constellations

Moreover, to always provide my clients with effective skills and tools, I belong to a coaching/therapy group supervised by Isabelle Constant, a truly inspiring psychotherapist and trainer.

Do you want to also lift the weight from your shoulders and bring positivity into your life?

Please do get in touch. I’ll be delighted to answer any questions you may have about my approach and my references.


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