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Be the Hero/Heroine of your Journey in 2024

What’s your calling for this New Year?

What new venture do you desire to undertake?

And what do you wish to change in your life?

Let’s embark on a journey and make you the hero/heroine of your own adventure.

Your own Hero’s/Heroine’s Journey in 2024

Today, you’re in your known world, life as it is. But within you, there’s a desire to leave your comfort zone and embark on a new adventure, enter the unknown world in order to bring about positive changes in your life.

However, to leave your known world, you have to pass a threshold and there are guardians that are trying to prevent you from leaving your comfort zone. These guardians might be friends, family or even colleagues who are dissuading you from taking that leap into the unknown. Or they might be your own inner voices, your saboteurs, telling you to stay in your comfort zone.

However, your heart’s calling is stronger and you know, within you, that you have the strength to cross the threshold, leaping into the unknown world.

Taking the leap

Once you make that leap into undiscovered territory, you meet challenges along the way, even unforeseen difficulties. Trials and tribulations that cause you discomfort. There might also be temptations to give up, to go back into your old world, your old comfort zone.

But along this journey you’re being accompanied by your allies who are offering you all the encouragement you need to continue. These allies might be trusted friends, family or colleagues who are acting as your champions. You can also lean on your internal allies, which are made up of your knowledge, experience and wisdom: your inner resources.

Fighting your inner dragon

Gaining more and more strength as you travel along your journey, you’re now ready to meet and fight the dragon. This dragon is obstructing the way, trying to prevent you from going any further, breathing fire at you to force you to turn back. This is your inner dragon, made up of all your doubts and hesitations. But you know you have the strength to fight this battle… and win it. You know you can overcome your inner dragon, accompanied by your all allies who are encouraging you to keep going.

When you finally win this battle, you come out the other side transformed by your victory. You have newfound strength and you’ve gained new wisdom, all of which are precious treasures for the future.

Now that you’ve won this battle, you can claim all your other treasures, reaping the rewards of your victory.

Returning to your known world

Transformed by this journey into the unknown, you can now return into your known world, a new comfort zone, where you can celebrate this positive transformation in your life, enjoying all the gifts and new wisdom that you’ve received as prizes.

You’re the protagonist of your own journey.

You can follow your own call to adventure to make 2024 a year of constructive change.

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