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English = A Communication Tool

Do you feel like speaking in public in English is a mountain that’s impossible to climb?

Your colleagues are much better than you? You feel like an idiot when you need to present in English?

These self-doubts probably stop you from being as visible as you deserve to be.

The majority of the clients I coach in public speaking in English tell me that their level of English stops them from performing to their full potential.

Yet in reality, they usually have a good enough level to express themselves with conviction. It’s just that their mental blocks make them feel less good than they actually are.

So, this is what I tell them:

The next time you’re feeling worried or even ashamed of your level of English, tell yourself it’s simply a tool of communication. Just like a new software tool, it takes time to learn how to master it. But the more you practice, the better you become. Speaking in public is exactly the same. You need to learn the techniques, put them into practice and use them over and over again until you feel comfortable.

If you continue to see English public speaking as an impossible obstacle, you’ll put too much pressure on yourself. This’ll stop you from performing to your full capacity. You’ll even speak less well and make more mistakes than you usually would.

Whereas telling yourself English is simply a tool of communication takes the spotlight off the language itself. Speaking English doesn’t define who you are or the value you have. It’s a means to exchange and share ideas.

Then you can focus more on other public speaking techniques to be really impactful during your speech.

If you’d like to learn other really useful public speaking techniques, you can watch my previous videos.

Also, please feel free to reach out to learn more about my specific coaching approach, helping you to feel confident and comfortable each time you need to communicate with impact.

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