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English coach or English trainer? Which to choose?

Are you wondering whether to work with an English coach or an English trainer?

What’s the difference between the two?

As a qualified professional coach, I believe it to be ethically important to explain to my clients what English coaching really is and what it isn’t.

What is training?

A trainer shares their knowledge and expertise with the objective of improving their trainee’s performance, skills and competencies. The trainer is an “expert” and tells and shows their trainee what to do and how to do it.

More concretely, in the context of learning English, the trainer will teach their trainee vocabulary and grammar, as well as listening and speaking skills. They share their knowledge of English to help their trainee to improve their own mastery of the language.

What is coaching?

“Coaching liberates the potential of the other in order to maximise their performance.

It is about helping the other learn rather than teaching them.”

 This definition by John Whitmore, one of the founders of professional coaching, summarises well the guiding principle of my work with my clients.

The philosophy behind coaching is that the coachee already has the necessary resources to resolve their problem but they are not yet able to access them. So, the coach acts as a guide, helping them to clarify their objectives, develop awareness of their situation and take responsibility for future actions. The coach does not, however, tell their coachee what to do or how to do it.

Why should you choose to work with an English coach?

If you already have a good mastery of the language but you’re lacking the confidence to use it to your full capacity or you feel you’re being held back by your own limiting beliefs, a coach will be able to help you. The coaching process will help you to become aware of your true capacities and potential.

If you decide to work together with me, we’ll explore the source of the mental blocks and inhibitions that are stopping you from confidently expressing yourself in English. In my role as coach, I’ll guide you in such a way that you’re able to access your own inner resources. You’ll find your personal solutions to overcome the fear of judgement and to dare to make yourself more visible, even when speaking English.

In our sessions together, I might sometimes take off my coaching hat to share my expertise with you so that you can learn new Public Speaking tools for example. As a coach, however, I’ll always encourage you to find your own style as a Public Speaker corresponding to your true, authentic self, rather than imposing my own personal way.

Our session together won’t only help you to improve your speaking skills, they’ll also offer you the possibility to develop both personally and professionally.

The added value of supervision for qualified coaches

Contrary to English training which focuses on learning practical skills to master the language, English coaching focuses on the person themselves and the psychological and internal reasons stopping them from performing to their true potential. With this in mind, it’s important, as a coach, to have a space to learn and grow ourselves, as well as being able to do introspective work to understand where our own blockages come from.

Therefore, as a qualified and certified coach, I’m regularly supervised, ensuring that I bring to my coachees the most impartial and ethically competent support possible.

What we’ll do together in our English coaching sessions:

  • Explore the source of any mental blocks and inhibitions in order to find your personal solutions to overcome them.
  • Deal with your fear of being judged when you speak English and discover new behaviours that will help you to express yourself confidently.
  • Discover ways to move out of the shadows, where you’ve been hiding because of your discomfort of speaking English, and into the limelight where you are at ease being expressing yourself and being visible.
  • Find solutions to help you feel comfortable enough to give presentations in English, apply for jobs where a good mastery of the language is required and/or express yourself assertively in meetings and negotiations.
  • Access your inner resources so that you learn how to have fun and enjoy yourself speaking English, transforming this language from your “enemy” into your “ally”.

What we won’t do:

  • Work on grammar: there are plenty of online apps to improve your grammar by yourself!
  • Try to change your accent: I’ll help you to correct any major pronunciation mistakes but I won’t focus on changing your accent. If this is your objective, you need to work with a voice coach. I’ll especially help you to gain the confidence to speak clearly and impactfully with the accent you have, regardless of whether it’s considered “strong” or not.
  • Learn lists of vocabulary: you’ll learn new vocabulary by immersing yourself more and more in the language, making it a part of your daily life and seizing each possibility you have to speak and interact in English.

“As an English coach, I won’t tell you how to learn but I will help you how to learn.”

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