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Gain confidence in English

Coaching to gain confidence in English

Become a confident and comfortable English communicator

Unblock your oral expression in English, overcome your inhibitions

Do you feel scared when you speak in English? Even blocked? Do you have the feeling you can’t get any words out? Or maybe you just avoid speaking English altogether. Even the English lessons you’ve followed haven’t solved the problem.

Does this fear stop you from obtaining the promotion you deserve? Or your dream job? Or from working with international clients or colleagues?

Unfortunately, a lot of people have bad memories from their English lessons at school. Or from negative work experiences. It’s left them feeling judged when they have to communicate in English today. Traditional English lessons don’t help them either.

If this is your case, how about receiving the support of a certified English coach?

I use my own tried and tested, innovative English coaching method. We’ll work together to lift the obstacles that are stopping you from having self-confidence.

Thanks to this bespoke programme, composed of coaching tools and Ericksonian hypnosis, you will:

Overcome your inhibitions and blockages

Identify why you feel inhibited and blocked. Discover the solutions to feel at ease and confident.

Get rid of your fear of judgement

Learn how to accept it’s ok make mistakes, to not be perfect, to have an accent. Dare to have a go.

Gain long-lasting self-belief

Discover your true capacities and strengths. Use them to your full potential.

Express yourself freely and confidently in your work and in interviews

Learn how to confidently express your opinion in English. Move out from the shadows into the limelight.

Take pleasure in communicating in English

Surprise yourself by actually enjoying your exchanges in English.

Open your horizons

Discover how your new-found confidence in English allows you to communicate with new people of different cultures.

If you too, would like to communicate confidently and effectively in English, please get in touch. We’ll discuss your needs in detail and how we can work together towards your success.

To benefit from this unique, innovative Public Speaking in English method,
you can have individual coaching
or we can organise an internal company seminar.
Please get in touch to learn more.

Public speaking seminar in English

Gain impact and credibility during your oral presentations in English

Public speaking coaching (individual)

Unblock your oral expression in English, overcome your inhibitions

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