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Coaching in public speaking in English

Work with an English public speaking coach to gain charisma, confidence and impact in your oral presentations

Release your inner voice, overcome your fear of public speaking

Are you afraid of being judged when you get up to speak in public? Are you worried that your presentation won’t be good enough for your boss, colleagues, clients or team? Do you wonder if you’re legitimate when you express yourself?

Public Speaking has become stressful, even painful. You dread getting stage fright when you have to give a presentation or you’re anxious about speaking up in meetings and conf calls.

My clients, also, were afraid of forgetting their words, blushing or even trembling. It meant they hid away instead of becoming visible. It even stopped them from getting a promotion or winning business abroad.

Did you know that speaking in public arrives top of the list of phobias, before even the fear of dying? So, you’re not alone feeling stressed.

That’s why I’ve created an innovative public speaking method for you to free your speech and gain confidence. It’s a unique combination of linguistic training and coaching tools, leading you to:

Understand the cultural codes

Learn how to convey a convincing message to your international audience.

Understand the cultural codes

Discover how to portray a positive voice and confident body language.

Relax and visualise a positive end result

Explore and benefit from hypnosis and relaxation tools.

Overcome the fear of judgement and stop feeling like an impostor

Discover how to look and feel confident and legitimate.

Deliver a clear, well-structured, compelling presentation

Master the art of storytelling and structuring techniques.

Take control of your anxiety

Learn how to gain self-belief and be proud to share your skills, experience and expertise with your colleagues and clients.

To benefit from this unique, innovative Public Speaking in English method,
you can have individual coaching
or we can organise an internal company seminar.
Please get in touch to learn more.

Public speaking seminar in English

Gain impact and credibility during your oral presentations in English

Coaching to gain confidence in English

Unblock your oral expression in English, overcome your inhibitions

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