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Release Your Powerful Female Voice

Release Your Powerful Female Voice

Are you uncomfortable about Speaking Up in meetings?
Are you afraid of being judged when you Speak in Public?
Do you suffer from the Impostor Syndrome when you give a Presentation?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these answers, here’s a coaching programme to become a confident Public Speaker! 

A Public Speaking Coaching Programme
Designed for Women

For more than 25 years, I’ve supported thousands of women and men in overcoming the mental blocks and inhibitions that hinder them from releasing their powerful inner voice. My clients tell me that what really helps is that I fully empathise with them. Thanks to the respectful and trusting environment I create, they overcome of the fear of judgement and get rid of the impostor syndrome. They learn how to, finally, express their opinion confidently and impactfully.

From my experience of coaching women, I’ve come to realise that there’s a need for a Public Speaking programme specially designed for them.

As women, we have our own mountain to climb. We struggle because of our limiting beliefs, directly resulting from our education and role in the society. It’s a real challenge to release ourselves from the double-bind imposed by society: we must be feminine and gentle to be liked, yet firm and assertive to be successful.

You can, however, become that Confident, Charismatic and Impactful Public Speaker you dream of being. To Speak Up Freely, with a Powerful Voice, Comfortable in the Limelight.

I’ve succeeded in overcoming my own limiting beliefs, while remaining authentic and true to my values.

I’m passionate, today, about empowering you and other women, enabling you to Achieve your Potential too.

My personal and professional experience has proven that the goal of Releasing our Powerful Female Voice is totally achievable. Let’s work together to make that happen.

Programme: Release Your Powerful Female Voice

What will you gain from the programme?

Together, we’ll focus on how to stop the critical self-talk and injunctions that prevent you from expressing yourself in public with assertiveness and impact.

We’ll explore how to transform the following negative behaviour patterns into positive actions:


  • Limiting self-beliefs and injunctions
  • Critical self-talk
  • Low power posture
  • Mousy voice and attitude
  • Passive/agressive communication style
  • What am I afraid of failing at/achieving?
  • What’s my negative personal story today?


  • Empowering self-beliefs
  • Self-love communication
  • High power posture
  • Powerful voice and presence
  • Assertive communication style
  • The positive consequences of my achievement/success
  • What positive self-image do I desire?

How will we achieve this?

Here’s a sample of the practical tools and techniques I’m particularly fond of using:

  • Guided visualisation/hypnosis
  • Concrete Public Speaking techniques (presentation structure, key message, storytelling…)
  • Breathing and posture exercises
  • Transactional Analysis for effective communication
  • Learning through modelling: who are your inspiring, powerful female public speakers?
  • Plenty of training and simulation exercises

The Format

  • 20-hour individual coaching programme (in person or remote)


  • Group/in person coaching (remote)
  • 5 master classes of 1,5 hours + 5 individual coaching sessions of 1,5 hours

  Watch my “Release Your Powerful Female Voice” webinar:   Would you like to learn more about how this special programme will help you to release YOUR Powerful Female Voice?

Contact me for a free 20-minute introductory call, where we’ll discuss your needs and next steps for you to embark upon YOUR empowering coaching process.

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