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Public Speaking Seminar

Public Speaking Seminar

Dare to Speak in Public in English

An in-company seminar to gain impact and credibility during your oral presentations in English

I designed this training programme so that you no longer see English as a linguistic barrier stopping you from conveying clear messages. Instead, you’ll learn how to take pleasure in speaking in public!

The main objectives

If you want to move out of the shadows and into the limelight when you express yourself in Shakespeare’s language, this programme is made for you.

Your public speaking skills will never be the same again. By the end of the training you’ll have gained:

  • Impact 
  • Confidence
  • Credibility
  • Assertiveness

An innovative method

I’ve created an original and unique method that perfectly fits your professional needs and requirements.

The tools I share with you incorporate:

  • Linguistic techniques for you to feel comfortable in your expression
  • Pedagogical input to learn how to structure a clear message
  • Coaching adapted to your specific needs

This innovative method takes you further than the simple linguistic training offered by traditional courses.

How and where?

This seminar takes place either in the centre of Paris or in your own company. In a small group (6 people maximum), you’ll dare to speak up, feeling totally at ease. If you wish to continue afterwards with more in-depth coaching, you’ll benefit from a preferential rate.


  • 16 hours of training
  • 2 days of 8 hours or 4 days of 4 hours


Please contact me

Who will benefit from this training?

  • Employees, managers, directors
    Anyone who wants to have impact and feel comfortable when they speak in public in English


A minimum intermediate level of English (level B1 of the CECRL) is required to ensure the progress of the group. Each participant’s level will be validated by a telephone interview.

The + of this training/coaching

  • The only method combining linguistic techniques and coaching
  • Practical tools that are easy to use in your work
  • Effective techniques that can be used for presentations in other languages too
  • Real and motivating progress over a 16-hour period
  • Personalised coaching in a small group
  • A VIP rate for individual coaching sessions

To benefit from this unique, innovative Public Speaking in English method,
you can have individual coaching
or we can organise an internal company seminar.
Please get in touch to learn more.

Public speaking coaching

Gain impact and credibility during your oral presentations in English

Coaching to gain confidence in English

Unblock your oral expression in English, overcome your inhibitions

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