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Unleash Your Powerful
Inner Leader!

A women’s career and leadership programme

Are you a woman manager, entrepreneur or leader who feels like you’re not achieving your full potential?

Do you have the impression you lack visibility, you’re being overlooked or you’re limiting yourself?

Or maybe you don’t feel legitimate in your role or you’re being held back by the glass ceiling*?

A programme designed especially for you!

Specifically designed for women like you, this programme will help you to start playing big in your career, come out of the shadows and reach new professional heights.

It’s a programme to empower you!

Gain recognition
Make an impact Communicate influentially

Be fulfilled in your career Achieve your full potential Break the glass ceiling

Gain executive presence Become a confident manager/leader

Why have a programme specifically designed for women?

“One of the criticisms I’ve faced over the years is that I’m not aggressive enough or assertive enough, or maybe somehow, because I’m empathetic, it means I’m weak. I totally rebel against that. I refuse to believe that you cannot be both compassionate and strong.”

Jacinda Arden, New Zealand’s Former Prime Minister

Our society hasn’t yet reached full female/male equality.

As women we’re still being held back from reaching executive and leadership roles. As professionals, we suffer from the double bind of needing to be considered strong and assertive, while also being kind and gentle. Moreover, we face both external factors (e.g. the glass ceiling*) and internal factors (e.g. the inner dragon*) that stop us from asserting our full managerial and leadership potential.


What this programme will bring you

By benefiting from our unique programme, you’ll:

  • Take stock of your positioning today and the posture you’d like to adopt
  • Explore the headwinds that are holding you back
  • Learn strategies to outsmart these headwinds
  • Identify the personal barriers that are holding you back
  • Learn how to quieten your inner critic
  • Embark on your own heroine’s journey of career fulfilment
  • Develop a strong personal brand and reputation to help you grow
  • Learn new networking strategies
  • Master effective communication
  • Learn how to express yourself assertively
  • Embody the ambition lying within you.

Who better than professional women to help you understand the obstacles you face everyday?

Realising how these factors are limiting women in their professional development, I decided to form a duo with friend and colleague, Joanna Menezes. Totally complementary, we’ve combined our skills and expertise to bring you a unique coaching programme that deals with both these external and internal factors. Thanks to this coaching, you’ll become aware of what factors are holding you back. Moreover, you’ll learn new strategic tools to help you overcome these headwinds. 

Believing in the importance of remaining true to our authentic selves, Joanna and I will encourage you to find your own management and leadership style by accessing the inner resources that have been lying dormant within you. By optimising your talents and positioning yourself strategically, you’ll reach that place in your career that you truly deserve.

Find out more about us.


This programme is available as both an in-company seminar or as individual coaching sessions.

Contact me

To learn more about this unique programme and how it can help you to unleash your powerful inner leader, please contact me for a free 30-minute consultation.

Our webinars

Webinars co-facilitated by Joanna and myself:

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