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Executive Coaching: become an inspirational manager

What if Executive Coaching were the solution?

You’ve just been promoted to a higher position in your team or in a new department, or maybe you’ve changed companies. Or you’re questioning your next career move. Or maybe you want to improve how you communicate with your team and within your company. My executive coaching offer will help you achieve your goals.

Executive coaching, as I live it, provides you with a safe and trusting space that helps you to gain:

  • Legitimacy
  • Self-awareness
  • Assertiveness

My coachees obtain self-belief, they feel more legitimate in their role and they communicate more assertively. The result at the end of the coaching process is a sense of greater positivity and fulfillment in their careers.

How does my coaching work?

Coaching is a dynamic process of questioning, which allows you to:

  • clarify a problem or the present situation
  • identify your abilities and potential
  • be accompanied during the implementation of the action plans

I’ve been accompanying managers and directors for over 20 years. My coaching tools and expertise will help you to not only gain awareness of the obstacles that are holding you back but also learn new strategies to overcome these challenges.

Working together, I’ll help you to:

Embody your role as a legitimate manager

Define your values, strengths and goals in order to gain the resiliency and self-esteem needed to lead your team confidently and effectively.

Gain greater presence and influence

Use impactful and inspiring presentation and communication strategies to obtain greater credibility.

Unblock your capacity to communicate assertively

Learn how be respected by your team and colleagues by communicating assertively. Use the right words and tone, avoiding negative emotions.

Resolve conflicts more easily

Adopt tools for more self-assured and natural communication, resulting in greater team collaboration and conflict-resolution

Create a harmonious and motivating work environment

Learn how to receive and give constructive feedback, while also breaking the cycle of negativity.

Improve your productivity

Integrate tools to increase your productivity, reduce stress and improve your time management.

How about investing in yourself?
Contact me for a free consultation to discuss your coaching needs in detail. I’ll design a personalised action plan, adapted to your specific needs.

You, too, can become an effective, impactful and inspiring manager!


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