Become an inspirational manager and leader 

Communicate with assertiveness and authenticity

The art of communication is the language of leadership” James Humes 


Do you have the possibility of being promoted but you feel illegitimate? Maybe you feel uncomfortable in your role as a manager? Are you afraid of clashing with your team, not communicating well?  

You feel like you’re on the defensive, you’re not respected by your team and colleagues. Unfortunately, when friends and family give you advice it maybe confuses you more. 

You know, you’re not alone with this problem. Look at the success of all the books on management.   

How about giving yourself the chance to receive the support of an executive coach who’s been accompanying directors for more than 20 years?  

You’ll finally have a space to voice your frustrations and express your doubts. I’ll share my tried and tested communication tools with you.   

My bespoke executive coaching programme, designed to be adapted to your specific needs, will allow you to:

Unblock your capacity to communicate  

Learn how be respected by your team and colleagues by communicating positively.

Use the right words and tone, avoiding negative emotions. 

Influence your team and inspire your colleagues 

Discover your competencies and respect your limits.  

Use them to leverage your performance to make your team more successful. 

Manage your team with assertiveness  

Learn how to say “no” firmly, without passiveness or aggressiveness.  

Respect your own opinion and that of others 

Manage your team with authenticity 

Set out to discover your true identity, remaining aligned with your values. 

Feel legitimate and credible when you communicate. 

Create a harmonious and motivating work environment 

Learn how to receive and give constructive feedback.  

Break the cycle of negativity. 

Fully assume your role as a legitimate leader 

Discover how to stop doubting yourself.  

How to gain the self-belief to lead your team confidently.  


If you want to manage your team effectively and confidently, let’s talk. 

I undertake to define a personalised action plan, adapted to your specific needs, so that you become an inspirational manager and leader. 

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Marie Stephenson, Certified Executive Coach

10, avenue de la Grande Armée
75017 Paris
Contact me for a free prior interview
+ 33 6 47 92 44 60