Take a step back, lift obstacles and unleash your true potential

Let go of your stress and your doubts, allow yourself to move forward serenely 

Do you have new professional objectives? Are you in a transition period? Would you like to bring about a change in your career and your life? But maybe you feel like you’re weighed down by your doubts. You find it hard to cope with all the constraints and challenges. 

Sometimes your emotions get the better of you. You might lose your temper frequently and maybe you feel like you could burst into tears easily. In short, you’re demotivated, discouraged and you’re suffering from stress: migraines, insomnia, excessive tiredness, pains in your body, anxiety attacks…  

So how can you achieve your full potential?  

Like the majority of people left to their own devices, you’re trapped in a vicious circle of daily stress.   

How about receiving the support of a coach specialised in hypnosis and relaxation techniques? Together we’ll work on lifting the obstacles that distance you from feeling serene and unleashing your potential.  

My bespoke programme, adapted to your specific needs, will allow you to:  

Take back the control of your life 

Learn how to prioritise and respect your priorities. Say “no” to the unreasonable demands of others. 

Take a step back  

Discover how to turn off the inner nagging voice. Visualise yourself positively in the desired situation. 

Let go of your doubts 

Explore ways to cut off from negative thoughts, and even toxic people. Overcome feeling like an impostor. 

Look and feel more relaxed 

Explore the use of relaxation and self-hypnosis to let go of the stress, and even pain, that’s stopping you from advancing. 

Be more effective in your work and interviews 

Discover tools to gain confidence and belief in your true capacities. 

Achieve fulfillment 

Discover what’s stopping you from thriving. Learn new tools to put in place concrete actions for success.  


Would you like to benefit from professional and non-judgmental support? Give yourself the chance to stop being overwhelmed.  

Let’s discuss your needs in detail and see how we can work together towards your success.  Please get in touch.

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Marie Stephenson, Certified Executive Coach

10, avenue de la Grande Armée
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Contact me for a free prior interview
+ 33 6 47 92 44 60