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  • I benefited from personalised coaching with Marie when I took up a new executive role. I was promoted to manage a team that I had been part of for many years. This promotion meant I was at an executive level within a team of experienced leaders so I needed to reposition myself both personally and with regards to my company in order to perform successfully in this new position.

    Marie and I worked on my relationship with others, my capacity to feel legitimate and on the levers that would help me to reposition myself as equal with the people who had previously been my managers.

    I particularly appreciated Marie’s empathy, which means she easily makes her coachees comfortable enough to have deep and open conversations. She skillfully leads her coachees to take their own the journey, come up with their own conclusions, including very personal ones, and to find their own inner resources to overcome obstacles. This is all done with sensitivity and respect for the other person. She finds the right words to accompany this process and helps her coachees to put into practice the conclusions from the sessions.

    By the end of this coaching, I had gained better self-awareness, greater self-confidence and fully assumed legitimacy in my position.

    Bruno BANEY Vice President, R&D BD Medical – Pharmaceutical Systems


  • Working in an international context as Vice-President of an American software company, I had the pleasure of being coached in public speaking by Marie Stephenson in 2016. 

    Thanks to Marie’s personalized advice, which was easy to apply in my daily work, I acquired a greater level of confidence in my exchanges with my international clients and also in my internal strategic presentations. 

    As I was very satisfied with these coaching sessions, I decided to give the whole of my sales and pre-sales team (20 people) the opportunity to benefit from them too. Marie was able to not only provide my team with the necessary tools for better public speaking, but she also knew how to adapt her programme to accompany them during the company’s restructuration process. 

    Providing this individual coaching during the transformation period gave my team a space to express themselves openly and it significantly helped them to adapt and to better integrate the new structure.

    Christian Duprat Regional Sales VP France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Middle East and North Africa at TIBCO Software Inc.

  • I’m very satisfied with my coaching experience with Marie. There was a double objective: to speak naturally in English after many years of not using the language, and to develop the necessary confidence to be able to express myself with impact in front of senior executives. The compliments given by my colleagues were the reward for the progress I made within just a few months and the proof of the excellent work Marie accomplished. 

    Marie’s coaching with me consisted in combining discussion, self-development, the mirror effect and hypnosis. An effective combination!

    Aurélie Paul Director, Key Account. Global Fire & Security field Operations

  • Marie is a great coach and a great person. Her public speaking workshop helped me to improve a lot. I’ve just got back from a conference where I delivered a talk I worked on with Marie. It had great impact, I had multiple persons thanking me and saying it was inspiring for them! 

    I feel I improved a lot, I am more relaxed on stage, I pause and empathise words in a compelling manner and incorporating storytelling in my presentation makes a big difference.  

    Don’t hesitate to work with Marie, you will see results very quickly. 

    Alexandra Lung Product Manager, Pivotal Labs, Paris

  • The public speaking coaching/training provided by Marie was extremely helpful and gave me much more confidence in English presentations. I followed this coaching with my CFO to be prepared for Group strategy and a financial presentation at a road show with banks.

    Guillaume DE FOUGIERES previous CEO of ARC Internationale

  • Before being coached by Marie, I had a real mental block when it came to speaking English. I’d tried classical learning methods but I always ended up feeling discouraged, telling myself “it doesn’t work”. Thanks to her unique method, which focuses on the cause of the mental block rather than on formal teaching, Marie knew how to quickly, in just a few sessions, “unblock” the situation. 

    Today, I no longer hesitate to sign up for international events and I chat more easily with native English speakers. Marie’s coaching has opened up new horizons for me, both personally and professionally.

    Benoît Seignoret Responsable Marketing Digital

  • I contacted Marie to help me to cope with a redundancy and the degrading, humiliating and unstructured meetings that followed with the management of the company. 

    Marie taught me to connect to my inner resources so as to take a step back from the remarks made by this management. Her accompaniment helped me to feel less affected personally and, as a result, I was less emotional during the meetings. 

    Marie also helped me to bounce back after this professional upheaval. With the help of the coaching sessions, the redundancy was transformed into the creation of a professional project.  

    Thanks to Marie, the redundancy became an unexpected development leading to personal and professional fulfilment. 


    Hélène OZEKI Fondatrice de L’Assiette aux 4 Vents


  • I contacted Marie to accompany me in the development of my business after a total career move (from a marketing and project management engineer in a big group, I became a freelance photographer). At the time, I already had 1,5 year’s experience in my business, with good results, but I really needed to gain confidence and ease in my commercial prospection. 

    Thanks to Marie attentively listening to my needs, she was able to help me, throughout the sessions, to pinpoint the areas to be worked on. We worked on practical exercises for public speaking and networking in general, and she also recommended pertinent books to help me to understand my own way of functioning. She gave me constructive feedback to analyse, in depth, real life, tricky situations. In the end we went far beyond my initial request: Marie was a true partner in helping to bring about my change of positioning to become an entrepreneur. 

    In hindsight, I realise Marie’s coaching allowed me to gain enough legitimacy and confidence to approach my potential clients with more serenity. She also helped me to connect to my inner professional values in order to better target my offers and market, leading me to concentrate my efforts on the fundamentals. Finally, she transmitted to me the necessary tools which now allow me to follow my path autonomously. 

    Thanks so much, Marie, for such precious help! 

    Elodie IDJEROUIDENE Fondatrice, agence Hestia photo


  • Marie coached me to start up my company. She provides top of the range coaching: 

    – firstly, from an interpersonal perspective, both in the quality of her non-judgemental listening, which is a rare quality, and in her analysis of the situation; 

    – secondly, in the structure of the sessions. Marie never loses sight of the objective and knows how to give an effective and relevant framework to our work in progress. I leave each session with solutions to my problems and concrete actions to put in place for the next phase of my project. 

    Marie’s unconditional support and highly effective tools are indispensable for the success of my project. 


    Line Scamps Psychothérapie et sophrologie
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