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I’m NOT Illegitimate

“I feel illegitimate when I speak in public.” “I feel like an impostor.” “I’m afraid people will find me boring.”

“It’s even worse when I present in a foreign language, I start to blush, tremble, sweat, forget what I’m saying….”

These are the words of the clients I coach in public speaking in English to overcome their blockages. Clients who contact me because they need to gain self-belief in their ability to be credible public speakers.

To stop this feeling of being illegitimate, here’s a simple, yet effective, tip:

Think about “WIIFM?” (“What’s In It For Me?”)

This is what you’re subconsciously thinking while you listen to me. What benefits am I getting out of Marie’s speech?

And this is what your audience is thinking while they listen to you presenting.

If you don’t think about your audience’s needs, you’ll create a disconnect. You’ll question what you’re doing there in front of this group of people.

And this will make you feel uncomfortable and stop you performing to your full potential.

To avoid this happening, here’s what to do:

When you’re preparing your content, ask yourself: “What is my special knowledge, expertise, experience that will be of benefit to my audience? So that they leave my presentation feeling like they’ve really learned something useful?”

Make your presentation about them, not about you. You’ll feel proud of sharing instructive and useful information. Legitimate in your role as an expert in your field.

And as we saw in my previous video, “Stop The Fear Syndrome”, telling yourself positive thoughts will put you in the right frame of mind for successful public speaking.

So always remember: “WIIFM?”- “What’s In It For Me?”

How do you feel when speaking in front of an audience?

Would you like to have more confidence and impact in your Public Speaking?

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