Presenting with impact in a virtual environment

We’re becoming more and more used to virtual communication

Due to sanitary constraints and physical distancing we’re becoming more and more used to virtual communication. This means our way of communicating is no longer the same. Tools such as Skype, MS Teams and Zoom are now integrated in our daily lives.

Are you facing the challenge of presenting impactfully in English in this new virtual environment? You may be finding it difficult to keep your audience’s attention. Or worried you’re not conveying your message clearly and precisely enough. 

Motivate your teams and convince your clients

Since 2012, as a British coach of public speaking, I’ve been helping leaders, executives and team managers to structure the communication of their vision and clarify their message. I then share with them the tools to express themselves with credibility, impact and assertiveness in a foreign language. Now I’m helping them feel comfortable in the new world of video conference.

As remote working and communicating via video conference and calls becomes the norm, it’s even more challenging to share your message with impact, especially when English isn’t your mother tongue. The danger of miscommunication and conveying the wrong message is even greater than before. You, just like your audience, may be suffering from screen exhaustion, the internet connection might be playing up, not to mention distractions in your work space. In normal times, it’s problematic to attract and keep your audience’s attention. In a distant environment the challenge is even greater.

In order to continue to motivate your teams and convince your clients to trust you, it’s more important than ever to master presentation skills in English.

Here’s the programme I’ve created for you

Objective: share persuasive and motivating messages

  • Identify your key messages
  • Be fully aligned with your vision
  • Implement interactive sessions with your attendees

Objective: make your content appealing and concise

  • Use Storytelling to attract and keep your audience’s attention
  • Structure your ideas and arguments clearly
  • Use short and concise sentences
  • Create engaging PowerPoints to highlight your message

 Objective: project a lively and dynamic voice

  • Articulate clearly
  • Use lively intonation
  • Integrate pauses and silences
  • Keep a well-timed pace
  • Avoid “umms and ahhs”

Objective: portray charismatic body language, even behind a screen

  • Sit confidently
  • Establish positive eye contact

Objective: be relaxed during your video conferences

  • Integrate calm breathing during you speech
  • Use easy relaxation tools between a series of video conferences

Do you want to communicate in English with impact and confidence?

To benefit from this unique, innovative method with a British public speaking coach, you can have individual coaching sessions or we can organise an internal company seminar.

Face to face or Zoom sessions can easily be organized.

Please get in touch with me now to learn more.

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