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Stand tall & be assertive

Do you feel yourself blushing when you get up to speak in public? Or do you tremble, get a dry mouth or sweat? Or maybe you lose your train of thought & forget what you’re saying?

My public speaking clients tell me they suffer from these symptoms. I, myself, used to feel my legs trembling because I was so nervous.
That was until I realised the importance of body language.

Here’s the tool I learned & that I share with my clients too:

  • When you get up to speak, take a few seconds to prepare your body & feel your own presence
  • This means having a straight back, with shoulders back & your head held high
  • Make sure you can feel your feet anchored into the floor – this gives you stability
  • Before speaking, take a deep inhale & start speaking on the exhale
  • Pay attention to keeping this confident body language while you’re speaking
  • Especially, avoid crossing your arms, having hands in pockets or leaning against something

If your shoulders are slouching or you’re looking unsure of yourself in any way, that’s how the audience will see you & that’s how you’ll see yourself too.
On the other hand, if you portray assertive body language, this will make you look confident in front of your audience & it’ll send positive signals to your brain, making you feel more self-assured.

Would you, too, like to learn how to become an assertive and impactful Public Speaker?
Please do reach out to learn more about my specific coaching approach, helping you to feel confident and comfortable each time you need to communicate effectively.

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