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What’s Your Key Message?

Do you see your audience getting bored when you’re presenting? Do you lose them halfway through? Do you see looking at their smartphones or yawning?

My coaching clients tell me they encounter these problems.
This is usually because they have so much information they want to share that they digress from their main message. And then they lose their audience’s attention.

My tip to overcome this problem is to have a very clear key message.
So, when preparing the content of your next presentation, do this:

  1. Ask yourself:
  • What do I want my audience to remember from my presentation?
  • What do I want them to do?
  1. Condense your answers to those questions into one short sentence. This is your key message that you give in your introduction.
  2. Then, all the other ideas & information you share should be directly related to this key message.

If you don’t have a clear key message, you risk digressing too much & you lose your audience. Always remember, your audience’s attention spam is very short. So, if you give too much irrelevant information, they’ll get lost & they won’t listen to you.

If, on the other hand, your information is clearly structured & presented with a logical flow, your audience will find it easy to listen to you. You’ll be able to engage much more with them. And you can feel proud to be sharing important and relevant information.

Lastly, remember that if people in the audience want to talk about other subjects related to your presentation, they can ask you afterwards during Q&A.
Remember, it’s about them, not you!

Would you, too, like to become a credible and charismatic Public Speaker?

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